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Volunteer Crew Descriptions

L/R Carol Heelas, Minde Hankins, Maria Gibbons-Burkholder, Lynnie Osterstuck, Maddie Kingsfield and Cole Hezebicks in the front
Central to Heron volunteering, we work most of the year to organize and prepare 700+ applications that come into our office. We’re a “start to finish” crew that receives volunteer forms, schedules, returns phone and email messages, manages Volunteer Check-In during the festival and refunds volunteer deposits. We prefer folks with office experience, and provide training on our unique process. Folks can choose to work with this crew before, during, or after the fest, or all of the above!


L to R: Pat Clark, Majic Majewski, Tracy Burt, Tammy Rayborne, Joe McMahon
We are looking for festival veterans for HQ; people familiar with the workings of the festival and property. This crew is busy for about 10 days, including pre and post fest responsibilities, and we’d like to find a few new people willing to work more than 9 hours. We handle the phones, cart & radio equipment, tool room inventory and Lost & Found. HQ also needs a good sign maker right before the festival.


L to R front row: John DiPierro, Dan Mallaber, Ed Sindelar, Charlie Rados, Paul LoPresto, Annie Ostrander, David Weinberg
L to R: back row: Renee Manning, Joe Kehn, Tom DiPierro, Skye Rockcastle, Matt Duffy, Patrick Schlipf Missing: Dale Green
This crew helps keep the peace, check wristbands and ensure the safety of our guests. We work around-the-clock, so let us know if you are a night owl or an early bird. We hire professional crew to handle the tough stuff and support our efforts, so having previous security training or certification is not necessary. “Show your wristband!” is our mantra.


L to R: Dave White, Ben Brauchler, Nicole Winslade, Bill Fritz
If you are certified in First Aid, Nursing, or EMT, please apply. This is an around-the-clock crew working out of our First Aid building. The Sherman Fire Department supports our volunteer crew when needed. We appreciate everyone’s help making the festival site safe for all attendees, especially our young ones.


L to R Front: Barry Adams, Jennifer Liuzzo, Joe Quiroz, Andrea E. Quiroz, Josh Lloyd, Bill Harmon
L to R Middle: Ned Divine, Kim Teplitsky, Terri Boyer, Dodi Kingsfield, Katie Knaak
L to R, Back: Kristy & Joe Blask, Sara Stansbery, Trevor Sharp, Nicole Saegert Missing: Tammy Arnold
If you’re an experienced money handler, come help us greet our guests. We’re proud of how efficiently our gates run, and it does take “high functioning folks” to handle the fast pace and make correct change while they’re doing it! Most everyone loves this job though, because people are so excited to be finally arriving for the festival.


L to R: Beth Shuttleworth, Tate Tetreault, Emil Harnas, Jim & Jen Kaleta, Back: Tommy Bornholdt, James & Chrsten Osborne. Missing: Jared Spitale
Help move them in and move them out. Be friendly and show them where to park or camp, it’s pretty easy. We need more dependable people for Saturday and Sunday shifts and possibly an additional shift captain for those days.


Front: Adam Russell, Ron Miller, Back: Kyle Brown
If you have lots of farm tractor experience or would like to be a “Rider” on the wagon who watches out for safety, this is a crew for you.


L to R: Jody Perrin, Matt Perrin, Amanda Boninsegna, Anthony Rocciardi,
Jennifer Ricciardi, Cassidy Kingsfield
We keep the festival clean and beautiful by setting up and maintaining recycling stations, sorting and packing returnables, & grooming the grounds. Rainbow Recycling headquarters is near the main stage so you can always enjoy the music! We’re looking for dependable overnighters and post-fest workers.
    Rainbow Recycling MySpace Page


L to R: Ian Anderson, Bes Franchina & Barb Cassevoy of B & B Catering, Debi Mellott
We feed the performers, their guests and our core crew. Experienced cooks, prep people and clean-up help please apply. Some pre-fest/post-fest positions are available.


L to R: Bill Eberly, Bonnie Moss, Barry Smith
These folks sell coffee, tea, soda, fresh pizza and homemade goodies at the Tiger Maple Stage in the woods. Cash register experience is useful. Late night people and early risers appreciated here!


L to R: Andrew Maggitti, Marie Tomlinson
Those of you who love the little ones and have teaching, art, or craft experience would enjoy this crew. We are always looking for new projects and project leaders for our 400+ festivalgoers under the age of 12.


L to R: Becky Bennett, Scott Bennett, Brad Bennett
We’re looking for energetic and creative volunteers to hang with our lively teen population. You must be at least 25 years old for this crew. We offer lots of games and craft projects to our young people and need volunteers to be involved to facilitate these. Our Saturday night beach party needs adult supervision, too.


Andrea Ticknor
Certified Life Guards make up the volunteer part of this crew, though we can use some "beach helpers" (16 year old minimum), with Basic First Aid and CPR training. Keeping our families safe at the waterfront is a very important task!


L to R: Judy Clonan-Smith, Emily Rockcastle, Steve Rockcastle, Shannon Passamonte
Merch booth would like a few highly responsible new people who have retail and cash register skills. Our products include the band’s CDs and merch and the official Blue Heron tee shirts, hats, etc., plus ice and water. We have the best location possible to work and listen to music at the same time.


L to R Back : Laurie Johnston, Ken Hardley, Todd Hutchinson, Dave Headrock Hedden
L to R Front: Michael Schmitt, Rob "Gumby" Hillard, Fred Parker, Debi Mellott. Missing: Renee Marbella
These folks include the stage managers & MCs that make sure the show goes as planned on our three stages. Volunteer positions are available as Performer Liaisons. This is a weekend long commitment to help load equipment in & out, transport people and stuff between stages and to tend to the needs of the musicians. There is some down time between set-ups, but you have to pay attention to the clock & schedule and show up, no matter what. You also need a good back and a cooperative disposition. We strive to make our performers happy so we get the best show ever.


L to R back row: Lori Savaree of Mamarazzi Photography, Bill Moran & Diane Clark of You Never Know What They'll Dream Up Next, Mark Alessi & Licia Davis, GBH Vendor Coordinators, Phil Madigan, Music Archivist, Logan Rockcastle, Fine Art Liaison
L to R front row: Stephanie & Mark Kiyak, GBH documentary filmmakers, Randy, Doug & Anna Sitler of Night Lights, Nathan Bober & Nick Smarto, Art & Lighting Installation Missing: Mona Baker & Chris Damon Music Archives, Jon Davis & Nancy Small, Vendor coordinators
In this group we highlight our vending coordinators, photographers, videographers, techy gurus, musical archivists, art project coordinators, & Night Lights crew. If you’d like to help any of these folks, let us know.

Spring Work, Set-Up, & Post-Fest (12 hours required for your ticket)
SPRING WORK crew does grounds maintenance, repairs and projects in the months leading up to the festival. Woodsmen-women can be particularly helpful with collecting & splitting firewood. We also need people with farm/garden skills to help with Green Heron Growers, our organic farm, while we’re super busy with the festival.

SET-UP crew starts on the Saturday before the fest. Tasks include: staking & flagging the parking lots, putting up snow fence, laying the dance floor, and moving all sorts of things into place. Also needed: Pre-Kitchen crew, HQ/Office support and help with our Kids Camp. (Kids Camp keeps the children of volunteers happy while their parents are busy setting up the festival)

SITE CREW DURING the festival functions to troubleshoot problems that arise around the grounds and helps fix anything and everything.

POST-FEST crew takes it all down and puts it all away. We need hard workers who are willing to stay (or return) for a day or two and get the land back in shape. Shifts are also available on the weekends following the festival. We’ve always put things back the way nature intended!

There is usually a place for everyone who wants to volunteer. So join us today!!!

Many Hands Make Light Work
Many Hearts Make Glad Song

For more information on Volunteering
Phone: 716-761-7190


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