Press Release 2016


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   The 25nd Annual Great Blue Heron Music Festival: Regional Music Gathering Celebrates Silver Anniversary July 1, 2, 3, 2016   The Heron, Sherman, NY – While many believe that longevity leads to greater wisdom, the co-founders of the Great Blue Heron Music Festival might suggest that wise choices are equally essential to…(Read More)

Our unique little fest,  The Great Blue Heron Music Festival (GBH),  is in it’s 25th year and I thought it would be good to see what’s happening out there in the great big festival world, so I stepped out of my comfort zone to attend the International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON) in San…(Read More)

May Day 2014


Every year, as winter breaks in to spring, we celebrate the season’s’ transitions but hosting our annual May Day party. We were so lucky to have a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate, and we had hundreds of friends come visit the land. Buffalo’s Black Rock Zydeco joined us on our main stage to…(Read More)

Could the growing number of locally run music events grow into national festivals? Gusto, Buffalo News Jan 22, 2014 The arrival of Philadelphia-based company Global Spectrum as the new managers of Canalside – and therefore, of the summer concerts that happen there – has some area concertgoers concerned. There is the worry that we’ve given…(Read More)

shutterBURGH Photography Blog of a Twenty-Something Pittsburgher Back when we were still assembling the yearly Great Blue Heron flyers by hand, we always threw a yearly party between winter and spring to get together and produce the mailer. Even though we now started outsourcing the mailer, we still get together around the same period…(Read More)

By:shutterBURGH PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG OF A TWENTY-SOMETHING PITTSBURGHER I always look forward to the May Day celebrations at the Heron. It’s a great waypoint on the way to summer, as the snow thaws and the land turns green again. This year was a special year, as we celebrated the life of Alicia Passamonte…(Read More)