Water, Ice, Food & Libations, ATM, Sanitation, Firewood

The Heron property has many water spigots that supply Health Department approved chlorinated drinking water, consider bringing a thermos or refillable bottle! Please stay hydrated and well nourished. The Heron’s Merch Booth sells bottled water and ice. At The Heron’s Cafe in the Woods you can get water, coffee, soft drinks, pizza, baked goods & more. The festival midway offers an exotic variety of fresh-cooked fare & beverages. Our new beer garden is sponsored by Southern Tier Brewery, stop in for a cold one! We proudly feature Stedman Coffee Roasters at our locations, the Cafe in The Woods and The Bluritto.

Where is an ATM, the closest stores, gas?

We have ATM’s on-site near our Merch Booth and at the Heron HQ. 5 miles away in Sherman you’ll find small stores for food & beverages, Keystone for gas & beverages, Sherman Hardware for general supplies, a few restaurants & a NAPA. 15 miles away in Lakewood there are 24-hour stores, ATMs, etc.

What are the shower & toilet facilities?

Bathhouse1The showers on our property are on top of the hill at The Bathhouse. The public can use the showers anytime for a $5 fee/person. Many people visit the beach for a refreshing dip or use the water spigots (w/ soap dispensers!) for a quick rinse. (See more about the beach under “Family Fun”.) Port-a potties are supplied by Brewers Septic, and are serviced by the Brewer family who stay with us on site. Report service issues to The Heron’s HQ. We pride ourselves with the best-kept toilets of any festival around!

What about campfires & firewood?

 campfireWe are a very unique festival in that we allow personal campfires in all of the camping area. That said, we have had increasing complaints about smoldering fires and the smoky haze that this sometimes creates. Please start a fire only if you really need to, douse fires when not in use and share your neighbors fire pits, whenever possible.  If smoke is a problem for you, camp in the Purple Lot where there is a breeze.
There is a firewood booth at the Crossroads on site where you can buy wood by the bundle and carry it to your camp, plus the firewood crew makes delivery trips to Heron Overlook daily.
Bringing firewood to The Heron is Prohibited. Chautauqua County is “quarantined” for firewood transport. To protect our woodlot, we confiscate and burn any wood that is brought and we do search for it at the gate.   Click here for more info regarding the Emerald Ash Borer quarantines.