Camping & Parking


The Heron offers a beautiful variety of camping options to ensure your best possible festival experience.  If your perfect home for the festival is a tent deep in the woods or you prefer “vehicle camping” with your family, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs.

Some camping stickers for some of the areas can be purchased along with your tickets.

We have never run out of camping spaces for everyone. Here’s our Site Map to help you plan for your arrival 

Parking Only (Red & Blue Lots)

If you are coming for a day or not camping with your vehicle, the Red and Blue Lots are “parking only” areas. The Red Lot is closer to the stages and is $20/day or weekend. The Blue Lot is across the street, on the Heron Overlook property, and is $10/day or weekend. Both lots are walking distance, but our tractor shuttles circulate through and can assist you. People who park in the Red & Blue Lots and plan to CAMP FOR FREE must transport their gear to the Dragon Run camping area.Some camping stickers for some of the areas can be purchased along with your tickets.

Wooded/Tent Camping (Dragon Run Area):

The Heron has the most magical mystical woods available for tent camping. Tent camping extends from Fern Gully to The Back 40 Loop to The Up & Over Road. (See the Site Map)  There is no fee per tent, but you must pay to park your car. Shuttles can take you from the lots to the Crossroads of Up & Over Road and Dragon Run.  You will have to carry your gear from the shuttle drop-off to your site, so only bring what you can manage.  There are no personal vehicles permitted in this section of woods!  This area tends to have the Night Owls of our Heron family, probably not the best place for families or those who need a good night sleep.  Dragon Run will lead you directly to The Drum Circle where you can find Dancing and Drumming…often until dawn.  You will also find The Cafe in the Woods on Dragon Run, serving pizza, cookies and hot and cold beverages.

Vehicle Camping (Green, Orange & Purple Lots):

“Vehicle camping” means you and your car, truck, van, RV, bus, or motorcycle are parked & set up to camp in a 20’ x 20’ space. If your vehicle or rig is longer than 20′, you will pay for two or more vehicle camping stickers depending on your total length. Most people camp with their vehicle and a tent, or two, in their 20’ x 20’ space.

All vehicle camping is on a first come first serve basis. We will be reserving a large section of Green Lot till Friday AM opening to accommodate patrons better.

Gates open Friday morning at 9am and we have many patrons who spend Thursday night on the road. (Be sure to get your tires off the pavement, if possible). Volunteers & vendors are allowed to enter on Thursday starting at 1pm and settle into their camping spaces before the regular patrons. Think about volunteering so you can, too!  Link to volunteer page.

Groups can merge adjoining spaces and arrange gear, as they like, as long as stickers are purchased & displayed in each space. We ask that you do not save spaces, so make sure your group is fairly close in line together. Patrons must purchase weekend wristbands in order to purchase vehicle camping stickers.

Driving out of the camping areas and returning is allowed, but we prefer to keep this to a minimum and that you do this during daylight hours.

The Green Lot:


This camping area is closest to the main stage and is filled by early on Friday. There are no trees in the section overlooking the pond, there are a few back over the hill. Plan for creating shade within your camp, if you need it. $80/sticker.

The Orange Lots:

These camping areas are intended for those who prefer quieter camping, since they are across the pond from the stages. (We still recommend earplugs, and sell them at the Merch Booth). Orange lots also fill on Friday, by mid-day. $50/sticker.

Heron Overlook’s Purple Lot:

Purple_lotThis area is across the street from the festival and has a fabulous view, gentle breezes, less crowded spaces, water spigots & porta-johns, and never fills up. There are small trees on the large open hillside and shaded woodlands in another. In the wooded area, vehicles are not allowed, but your car will be parked only yards away. On top of the hill are open pastures where large RVs can find more level ground. $50/sticker.

Heron Overlook’s “Thursday Purple Lot Deal”:

This is for patrons who’d like to set up & camp an extra night. On Thursday between 4pm-9pm, we will locate vehicles in the line that want set up camp in the Heron Overlook Purple Lot;  please do not move until we direct you to. There will be an additional charge for this of $30 per vehicle making the sticker price $80 for the weekend for one 20X20 space. If you have a large rig requiring more than one 20 x 20 space, you will have to buy an additional $50 Purple sticker, but only one $30 Thursday fee. Contact us if you need more info about this special Thursday night option (716-761-7190). It’s a great way to get settled in. Potable water, porta johns, shade and a beautiful view included!

Purple Lotcamping

#1 – You are required to camp in the Purple Lot for the weekend, you cannot move to another camping area after Thursday.
#2 – You are not allowed on the festival side of the street until the gate opens Friday at 9am. We hope this option on Thursday will make your weekend more relaxing & enjoyable.

About Large RV’s and Campers:

There are two main areas that can accommodate extra large RV’s or buses; one is on the top the hill on Heron Overlook’s Purple Lot and another is near the entrance to the Blue Lot. We have no water or electric hook-ups for RVs anywhere on the property. RV’s with generators are allowed, but can only be run in the middle of the day to charge batteries. They must be turned off after dark until midday. Please be respectful of your neighbor’s peace and quiet.

About Handicapped Camping, Parking & Shuttling:

One area is set aside for handicapped CAMPING. It is near the North Gate in the Orange Lot. We do not reserve any camping space. There are no electric services. Handicapped PARKING is in two areas, one in the Orange Lot with the handicap camping, and in the Red Lot near the entrance along the hedgerow (parking only). (Again, see the map). These areas have “shuttle stops” with a sign and a bench. We run tractor shuttles that will give you a ride and we also have golf carts that are labeled “handicap shuttle”. You can ask anyone with a radio to call a shuttle for you. We do our best to help, but we have an expansive landscape and it’s fairly rugged with rolling hills. There is a handicapped accessable porta-john near the Bathhouse, plus the Bathhouse is also handicapped accessible.shuttle-stopshuttle-anothershuttle2

The festival ends Sunday evening when the music stops. All patrons must be packed up before dark and ready to go home (it’s so sad, we know). Those that remain are crew chiefs, sound & tech support, and volunteers with schedules for Monday’s clean-up. Our security will be making sure all others leave. There are other local camping & lodging options here: