The Heron’s Rainbow Recycling was started in 1993 by local environmental advocate Diane Clark. There are over 60 colorful recycling stations to separate recyclables, compost, and trash. The Heron asks guests to voluntarily take the RAINBOW RECYCLING REDUCTION PLEDGE: “I pledge to be a part of Rainbow Recycling by making an effort to REDUCE what I bring, use, and leave at the Great Blue Heron Music Festival, and also by leaving my campsite the way I found it, so I REDUCE my impact on nature. I will not leave trash (broken camping items, toilet paper, cans, bottles, food, glow sticks, cigarette butts and ect.) on the ground.”

The Heron family believes that Rainbow Recycling helps set the tone for the festival. Treating the festival grounds and the Earth with respect helps us treat each other with respect. This helps create a kinder, more friendly festival and, we hope, encourages guests to become stronger advocates for the Earth in their daily lives.

FIND YOUR TRIBE at the Heron – Three days. Three stages. 39 Bands. Thousands of Happy People.