Our Rules

  • These things are NOT allowed at the festival:  Glass, Fireworks, Floating Lanterns, outside Firewood, Firearms, or Glow Sticks. 
  • No amplified music in camping areas after 11pm. 
  • Generators can only be run between 9am and 9pm. 
  • ONLY service dogs are allowed, BUT owners must comply with regulations, maintain complete control and pick up after their animals. Please consider leaving your pet home, there can be a lot of stress on animals at a large music festival. 
  • Heron staff may conduct searches of vehicles on arrival for items not allowed on the grounds.  
  • Failure to comply with rules of this facility may result in removal from this event. The laws of New York State apply to all patrons. 
  • No unauthorized vending, especially in the woods. Vendors must be registered for a booth or be part of our official blanket vending.

  • Thank you for complying with our rules!