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The Vibe

When you arrive and hear the magic words, “HAPPY HERON!” your cares melt away. A smile grows on your face. 

It’s a feeling of coming home. A place where you know you always belong.

During your three days at The Heron, a spirit of kindness floods all. Hearts open, and love flows freely. Making new friends happens naturally here, as neighbors help each other and guide newbies.

The music ignites a soulfire within us. Dancing breaks out everywhere, and laughter fills the air. Our heartbeats sync with those of the artists on stage, and the drummers in the night.

Our love for the land runs deep here. We walk, dance, and sleep upon Mother Earth with respect. The peace we create radiates beyond The Heron, making the world a better place.


All are invited to join our joyful community and the magical experience of The Great Blue Heron Music Festival.

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Beyond all the wonderful music you will hear throughout the festival, the Great Blue Heron also presents a variety of enriching, creative experiences for people of all ages. Make sure to get an official schedule when you arrive for times and locations of all these enjoyable activities to explore while you are here!

Another unique thing about Blue Heron is how many different generations of people attend each year. Over 400 children under 12 are here on a festival weekend along with their parents and oftentimes grandparents, too!


Yoga with Dariel Woltz

Friends of Bill



MEditation with Steve Piazza

Yoga with Monica Demello

Slyboots Para Line Up…. Join us!

Beginning Old Time Fiddle


Deep Fried & Dipped in Honey

Dr. Bacon

Folkfaces & Friends

Kids tent

Kids Tent is a colorful space near the Maypole, with activities designed for kids 10 and under. There are lots of hands-on crafts, dress-up fun, a sand box and workshops like drumming and yoga, as well as a talent show and Compost Theater performances. This is not a drop off program, so please plan to stay and play with your child. Families are welcome to come and go all weekend long!

teen tent

Teen Tent is a special area by the Tree House (near the Kids Tent) where teens can hang out, participate in games, crafts, workshops and of course, make new friends! As with the Kids’ Tent, this area is staffed with volunteers.

Slyboots Circus

Slyboots Circus comes to The Heron from Buffalo with their big top tent that you will find on Dragon Run trail. Griffin and his crew offer circus skills and crafts from Africa. Drop in anytime during the weekend to see what’s going on! Slyboots facilitates late-nite drumming at the big Fire Circle near their tent. This energetic troupe also leads a colorful joyous parade (or two!). Put on your costume and join in!

Instrumental workshops

Instrument workshops will inspire players of all ages and abilities to feel more confident after sitting in with more accomplished musicians. Usually there are fiddle, banjo and harmonica workshops along with a couple high energy jam sessions. Everyone is welcome to stop in to listen or play along!

healing arts workshops

Healing Arts workshops give the body and mind a chance to ground and connect at this magical place. Most of this programming is held in the mornings in the big top Dance Tent. Join in for meditation, yoga and more!


Our swimming beach is an extra bonus on a hot summer day. There’s lifeguards on duty when the beach is open. Some refer to our pond as the Mystic Waters… Come feel for yourself!


The Heron has a vast system of trails throughout its 400 acres. Most are marked with trail signs and blue dots on the trees. All trails lead back to the center of things! Bikes are allowed on the trails, but no motorized vehicles please. Expect a little mud and adventure! The Heron hosts a 5K Trail Run in August and a number of Heron Horse events each season. Not far from the Heron grounds there are extensive trail systems including Rails to Trails, The Overland Trail and many bike routes on trail and off. Click "HIKING" to explore more!


We’re so excited to be partnering with old friends and new faces this year. Applications to be a food vendor or craft vendor are currently open. Also make sure to learn more about our other amenities, including ice, firewood, and farm market items for purchase.


Great Blue Heron will have live performances on all three stages: The Main Stage, The Dance Tent, and The Tiger Maple Stage.

Our foundation began with Americana and old time mountain music, yet through the years, our lineups have expanded to also include funk, jam, soul, roots-rock, reggae, Celtic, afrobeat, zydeco and everything in between. Get the full lineup and artist info at the link below!

Learn How You Can Get Involved!

Interested in being a volunteer or vendor? Check out how you can be a special part of the Great Blue Heron Music Festival!  We are always excited to make new connections!

Camping & Parking

Park your car in the Red Lot if you come to the festival during the day and plan to go home at night. A parking sticker is free with the purchase of a ticket to the festival. We’ll put one on your windshield at the gate. You can come and go at any time over the weekend. Camping in the Red Lot is not allowed. There is an uphill walk into the festival grounds from there. Wheels are a good idea!


Walk-in Woods Camping is free with your festival ticket. If this is your choice, ask for a Red Lot sticker for your vehicle at the gate. Park your car, walk-in with your gear and find a place for your tent on one of our enchanted trails. Dragon Run and The Up & Over Road both have lots of camping. Personal vehicles are not allowed in the woods. The farther back in the woods you go, the more room you will find to spread out. Again, wheels are a big help! We will be running some golf cart shuttles from Red Lot, but we are no longer running the big tractor wagon shuttles. Families might be happier in one of the vehicle camping areas as the late night excitement in the woods almost never stops!

Please read our rules so everyone can have a safe, fun time!

vehicle camping

Vehicle Camping areas are mostly out in the open on mowed grass. In these areas you can put up a tent right next to your car, sleep in your vehicle or park your RV. We have 3 areas:

- Green Lot is closest to the center of the festival and sells out first.
- Orange Lot is across the pond, but an easy walk, and has a section of wooded area that fills rather quickly.
- Purple Lot is across the road and up on the hill called Heron Overlook. It has some trees, is more spacious and quieter. We have never run out of room in Purple Lot, so rest assured, there will be a place to camp whenever you arrive.
- The Red Lot Large RV area is for rigs that are longer than 40’ and/or that need to pull through. There are no hook ups or drinking water in Red Lot. Fill up before leaving home!


All our Vehicle Camping areas are first come, first serve. We are not able to reserve spaces for anyone, so if you plan to camp with friends, try to arrive around the same time. Some attendees form a line on Waits Corners Road the night before the gate opens, but we have added a Thursday 4 day ticket to reduce this as much as possible. If you are waiting on the road, be sure to get your tires off the pavement.

Vehicle camping spaces are staked and flagged for 20’ x 20’. If your RV or family camp is larger than this, you will need more than one sticker. Groups can merge spaces together, as long as there is a sticker purchased and visible for each space used. None of the camping areas have hookups to power or water. Generators can only be run between 9am and 9pm. We advise that valuables are locked in your vehicle to be on the safe side.

Handicap accessibility

Handicap accessibility is limited at The Heron by the hilly terrain and gravel surfaces. There are a couple handicap porta-johns in the Green Lot camping area. There is no reservable handicap camping or parking spaces, so plan accordingly. If you have mobility issues, ask any golf cart driver for help. Motorized wheelchairs, scooters or bikes are allowed on site, but personal ATVs or golf carts are not.

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The Heron is a campground with safe chlorinated drinking water, ample porta-john facilities throughout the grounds and a bathhouse with 4 hot showers. Most importantly, we have a great service company that keeps up on the port-johns with 2 services daily! There is a $5 fee for showers and a 5 minute limit. We also have a dump station with a $20 fee that you pay for at HQ.

You can purchase ice and firewood on the grounds, as well as pick up homegrown meats and fresh veggies in our farm store. See what’s in season right now at our online farm store!

Recycling & waste management

Recycling and waste management are high on our list of priorities. We ask for your help by sorting at our Rainbow Recycling stations, by not bringing glass, and by “leaving no trace” behind you. We also ask that you consider re-usable beverage containers instead of single-serve plastic. Also bring garbage bags and use the cigarette butt cans distributed around the grounds. Feel free to ask for either of these at Rainbow Recycling.

the heron keg room

The Heron’s Keg Room is the exclusive vendor for beer, hard cider and wine slushies. We also sell sodas and coffee. Please support The Heron by visiting the Keg Room for alcoholic refreshments! We do not prohibit patrons from bringing their own, but we suggest those beverages are consumed in personal campsites. Glass is not allowed at the festival, please. The Heron Merch Booth is also located by the Main Stage and filled with unique Heron items, tee shirts and hats! Drinks can be purchased there, too!

firewood & ice

Firewood and ice are for sale up by the entrance to the woods. We sell firewood harvested from our property as part of our land stewardship efforts. Proceeds go back to the land for equipment and facility upgrades. Ice is also for sale, we keep it stocked all weekend! Campfires are allowed, but smoke can build up in the air, so share a fire whenever possible, do not leave campfires unattended and please douse your fire when not in use.

the heron farm store

The Heron Farm Store is located near HQ and the Main Gate. During the festival ask for assistance with shopping at HQ. The store is well stocked with frozen meats including grassfed beef, heritage pork and organic pastured chicken. There also are soups, dips, honey, maple syrup and sometimes fresh shiitake mushrooms! Get some burgers for your camp dinners or stock up on your way home! We farm using regenerative and organic practices. Look for a tour of the shiitake mushroom yard in the program!

safety & security

The Safety & Security of our patrons is very important to us. We have around the clock volunteers at both First Aid and HQ (Headquarters). The Safety Crew or any of our volunteers are willing to help you in any situation. Please, if you see something, say something. There are EMTs and professional security on site all weekend, plus our local ambulance and law enforcement are always ready to serve. We have needed very little outside help in the last decade and are proud of that!

our rules

Please read our rules so everyone can have a safe, fun time!


If you are interested in a sponsor naming opportunity for our new bathhouse, get in touch today!

Festival Map

Click on the map to enlarge it and to download or print a copy. For information about camping, designated areas, and parking passes, please check out the camping information section.

Directions to The Heron

If you have trouble with your GPS, try either of these addresses:

2361 Waits Corners Rd
Sherman, NY 14781

2361 Waits Corners Rd
Panama, NY 14767